Get your food product stocked

A step-by-step process to discover if your product fits on a busy super market shelf

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does this sound like you

You have a food product ready to be stocked and have spent time and money trying get it onto the supermarket shelves but:

You don’t know WHO to contact and how to present and position your product to the right buyer.

You are unsure if your product is different enough to STAND APART from competitor products.

You are excited, yet overwhelmed, about being a small producer in a highly dominated market and how to BE NOTICED.


Having a clearer understanding of the retail market and how to find the contacts relevant to your product.


Knowing the right steps to take and the process needed to get your product ‘retail ready’.


Feeling confident that your product is positioned in the right way and ready to be put in front of the right buyer.


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Get Retail Ready


A jargon busting glossary to help you learn the retail market lingo!


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Ally Benbow

Hello, I’m Ally…

… the founder and passion behind Get Stocked.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience to support you down the path to get your product retail ready, in front of the right buyer and onto the supermarket shelves.

My mission

I want to stand up for the hard-working people who put in the graft and just want a fair price for their efforts.

My mission is to show small business entrepreneurs that with the right process they will be better placed to find the retailer who will want to stock their product for their customers to enjoy.

Happy Clients

“Having worked with Ally on a number of occasions I’m very pleased to say she is open, conscientious and a thorough person. A great communicator who is helpful and supportive in all that she does. You really are in safe hands!”

– Ian Denby

“Thank you for the feedback, Ally, you have highlighted and addressed some very valued points, pleased that we could work together.”

– Ed Rees

“Thank you so much for taking the time to try our products and offering us your feedback…this is greatly appreciated as is your support, kindness and belief in our product”

– Sukhy & Chan Sooks Ltd

Imagine feeling

Confident in your product being ‘retail ready’ to put in front of the right buyer.
Clearer about how retail market works and where your product fits in.
Ready to get your unique barcode with your product on a supermarket shelf!

WANT TO GET stocked?

Discover the process to get your product retail ready for being stocked on the supermarket shelf!