Hello, I’m Ally

I am the passion behind Get Stocked where I help artisan food producers to get their product ‘retail ready’ and stocked onto the supermarket shelves.

During my 18 years in the food industry, I have spent much of that time building up relationships and liaising with supermarket buyers.

Whether fresh, frozen or ambient produce I have worked within each category to gain valuable knowledge to help small entrepreneurs realise their dream of a supermarket listing.

Helping you get your product stocked

I would like to share my knowledge and experience to support you in getting your product retail ready, in front of the right buyer and onto the supermarket shelves.

Ally Benbow

Ally Benbow


“more cheese gromit?”

I started my career working for a desserts manufacturer, before entering the exciting world of cheese. One of my favourite dates in the calendar is the International Cheese & Dairy Show where I’m always delighted to judge – I mean who wouldn’t like a day of eating cheese!

International Cheese Show

successfulLY LISTED

I have successfully listed many products in my career for both large blue-chip companies and small family-owned businesses.

Some of my most proud accolades are:

  • Working in San Francisco as part of the small team who launched The Happy Egg Co. in the USA
  • Back in 2003 Block bottom bags and sliced convenience packaging were just emerging onto the supermarket shelves. I worked closely with the Waitrose team to ensure they had the right range in the new packaging format.
  • Launching a French patisserie range for Didiers Patisserie into Waitrose, John Lewis and Morrison’s.
  • Working closely with M&S to launch over 20 Cheese themed Christmas gifting lines.


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Where it all began

I was born into a dairy farming family in Mid Wales, so I literally have the love of food running through my veins.

As a child I had my own calves to feed and nurture, and this responsibility was stepped up a gear as a teenager where I was promoted to the milking parlour.

Each and every day I was on the quad bike at 5:30am fetching in the herd ready to be milked (and there were no rests on the weekend).

Not content with just milk, I took a weekend job at my local farm collecting eggs that went to the nearby hatchery for hatching.

Working in the food industry gives you a strong work ethic. Even today my weekends are spent on a quad bike helping my partner on his beef farm!


 🖤 I love the great outdoors and a perfect Saturday would include a hike 🥾 to a beautiful viewpoint with my dog Rex.

My Mission

Field of cows

“I love food and the joy it brings to people!

I want to stand up for the hard-working people who put in the graft and simply want a fair price for their efforts.


My mission is to prove to small business entrepreneurs that with the right process the path to finding the right retailer to truly appreciate your product and ensure that the customers get to enjoy it in all its glory!


So, are you thinking I don’t know who to contact to get my products on the shelf? Send me a message – I’d love to go on a discovery journey with you!”


Discover if your product fits on a busy market shelf and be one step closer to getting stocked!