Brief & Brainstorm

If you need some guidance then this intensive session is designed to help you move forward in your food stocking journey…

Cooked eggs

does this sound like you

Discover if your food product idea is what the retail shelf is missing!

You have a new product idea but are unsure if it is unique, despite trialling it with friends and wider contacts.

You are convinced this food product is useful and would save today’s cooks and chefs a lot of time.

You feel that your product attributes would also save money and help the planet.


Exploring your food product idea with a professional who knows what innovation supermarket buyers are looking for.


Understanding the steps and work required to bring your food product idea to life!


Feeling confident that your idea is worth exploring further and investing time and money in.




A 1:1 session that will help answer your retail questions, understand if your food product idea is unique and can give you clarity before you progress down a costly and time-consuming path.

Being able to brief a professional food consultant like me, is the quickest and cheapest way of moving your product idea forward.

All too often, food inventors steam ahead with their idea without really knowing if it going to work. They spend time, money and effort which has an impact on their professional and personal lives.

Being passionate about a product idea is not enough. You need to have research and data under your belt before moving it forward as a viable product.

Let me hear your idea (I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea) so that I can use my knowledge and experience of the retail market to guide you with the next steps.

Ally Benbow

How it works

In order to get the most out of the Brief & Brainstorm session I will send you a questionnaire beforehand so that you can give me some foundations to start with. This will maximise our time together on the call. Come prepared and ask all those retail questions that may leave you feeling confused.

 An affordable one-off Zoom session (recorded for your reference) where you can brief me on your idea. This is your opportunity to brainstorm with an expert, without starting to spend lots of time and money. Gain clarity on whether your food product idea would work on the retail shelves. 

If there are any resources or links I have offered to share, I will send these via a summary email at the end of the session.

Ally Benbow

Hello, I’m Ally...

... the founder and passion behind Get Stocked.

I would like to share my knowledge and experience to support you down the path to get your product retail ready, in front of the right buyer and onto the supermarket shelves.

My mission

I want to stand up for the hard-working people who put in the graft and just want a fair price for their efforts.

My mission is to show small business entrepreneurs that with the right process they will be better placed to find the retailer who will want to stock their product for their customers to enjoy.

Happy Clients

“Thank you for the feedback Ally. You have highlighted and addressed some very valuable points that I would not have discovered myself.”

– Ed Rees

Imagine feeling

Confident in moving forward with your product idea, knowing that there is an opportunity. Or relieved that whilst your idea might not be quite right, you now know the steps to take to get clearer on your idea in order to get it retail ready for the supermarket shelves.

want to ‘brief & brainstorm’?

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frequently asked questions

Will the session be recorded?

Yes, it will take place on zoom and be sent to you within 12 hours of the session.

How long will the session be for?

Our session lasts an hour; however, I will add in a 15-minute intro as I offer this for free new clients.

Can I book a follow up session?

Yes of course, I’m happy to offer a tailored approach as this maybe more cost effective for you. Once we’ve had the first session, we can certainly discuss what works best.

Do I need to prepare?

As long as you’ve a burning list of questions, I’ll be ready to be briefed!